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Our Innovation

Tire Sealants have been temporarily, patching holes in fleet tires for years, yet no one has been able to create a comprehensive solution to address tire pressure maintenance issues. In 2012, Permaseal announced the arrival of our newest High Density Tire Synthesis Formula. A product so unique, it defines a new solution to tire pressure maintenance problems. Permaseal HD-TSF not only repairs punctures up to 1/2 an inch, the formula also permeates the micro cracks and fractures caused by highway wear and tear, rock fractures, and tire liner bruising. Permaseal prevents leaks and potential blowout situations by preventing pressure buildup between the micro-fractures and layers of the tire.

Our Customers Don’t Take Chances

Permaseal HD-TSF has been thoroughly lab and road tested for provenperformance. Our customer’s demand the best and most economical solution for the greatest return on invertment and road safety. Permaseal HD-TSF is Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Non-Flammable, and Easy to install.

Permaseal HD-TSF is RAPRA tested, and conforms to all DOT, EPA, and TSCA standards.

Saving You Money

Permaseal HD-TSF is designed to eliminate slow air loss inherent in all rubber tires. By maintaing air pressure and subsequently reducing road friction and tread loss, we can extend the Tread Life of our customer’s business’s profitability and productivity. Permaseal HD-TSF will last the life of the tire.

SAMPLE ROI (Return on Investment)

SAMPLE ROI (Return on Investment)
Accident-Proof Your Entire Department With Permaseal.