Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Trailers


Whether you have a car, SUV or truck PermaSeal will increase the reliability and safety of your vehicle. The formula coats the inside of your tire preventing air leakage, tire blowouts and flats caused by punctures and accidents. This also extends your tire life and increases your gas mileage by keeping tires at optimal inflation, saving you money.

PermaSeal prevents accidents on the road, makes sure you don’t get stranded in a dangerous situation, and stops inconvenience and expensive fixes... And who said you need to know how to change a tire.

Mountain Bikes, Cruisers, BMX, Commuter Bikes


When you are on the road or on the trail, the last thing you need is a flat tire from punctures and air leaks, they can be inconvenient and dangerous.

Considering not everyone carries a spare or a patch kit (which can be extremely tedious... ever soaped a tire?), we’re going to make the process easier for you, PermaSeal will find the leaks and fix your flat before it happens.

Sport Bikes, Cruisers, Touring Bikes... it even works in scooters


We’ll admit, Motorcycles aren’t the safest method of transportation, but they are pretty awesome. When you only have two wheels to rely on (and no spares nearby), they are both super important, which is why PermaSeal wants to make sure you can always count on both of them. Our formula will travel with you stopping leaks, preventing flats and fixing punctures anywhere you go. Who needs a spare now, take that SUV.

Rally Vehicles and Motocross: ATVs, Dirt Bikes, BMX, Pit Bikes


Do you race across stretches of desert, do double back flips, or just pretend to (don’t worry we won’t tell), then you know your tires can be the single biggest cause of problems. Fortunately, PermaSeal will prevent flats by fixing your tire’s leaks and punctures regardless of the conditions you put them through.

Lawnmowers, Wheelbarrows, Trailers, ATVs

Ever use a wheelbarrow? What about a wheelbarrow with a flat tire? Yea we never enjoyed it either... and unfortunately we never did quite know how to fix it. Now PermaSeal is here to make landscaping, lawncare and anything else you can think of (swimming pool anyone?) that much easier... now you don’t have to deal with inconvenience and delays from leaks, flats or punctures, PermaSeal will fix them as they happen, just insert the formula, forget about it, and make things happen.

Trucking, Buses, Construction Equipment, Farm Machinery, and Utility Vehicles

Introducing PermaSeal Industrial-Grade

With a focus on our commercial and industrial clients, PermaSeal has developed the PermaSeal Industrial-Grade formula, which stops tire leaks and seals punctures up to 12mm in diameter.

For Commerce: Transporting Goods and People

For trucks and buses tires can really affect safety, reliability and profits. PermaSeal not only prevents accidents and downtime due to blowouts and flat tires, it also helps tires maintain pressure and run cooler. This allows tires to last up to 25% longer, maintain fuel economy, and permit increased re-capping. By reducing the temperature tires face, caps last longer (by preventing separation), and the tire casing is able to take 2-3 additional caps. Save money on tires, save money on gas, and get your people/merchandise there faster... it’s what we like to call the win-win-win.

For Industry: Construction, Farming, and Utility

By using PermaSeal our industrial users are able to keep their equipment on the job longer and save on downtime from the hazards of heavy construction and extreme off-road conditions. The tires that PermaSeal protects cost a lot, and they cost even more to repair when they cause project delays, so why not let PermaSeal extend your tire life and keep your job running smooth.