264 Gallon Heavy Duty (1000 Liters)

This sealant tote comes in a convenient pallet container that is designed for use with a forklift. It is perfect for commercial buyers who have fleets of vehicles or large industrial needs, such as farm and construction equipment. It is also perfect for large retail and dealer operations who plan to apply the product for customers.

Since we also focus on the needs of our commercial clients, we have developed a PermaSeal Industrial-Grade, a formula that tailors PermaSeal for trucking, construction and farm equipment. Designed for the serious user it protects punctures up to ½ inch (12mm) in diameter, opposed to the consumer formula’s ¼ inch (6mm) puncture protection. This 6 gallon drum is available in both PermaSeal and PermaSeal Industrial-Grade, call us to find out which one you need.

264 Gallon Heavy Duty (1000 Liters)



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