About Permaseal

PermaSeal was founded in San Jose, California as a family owned business in 2004. Since then our manufacturing facility has moved to Santa Ana in Southern California. PermaSeal’s first product, PermaSeal Tire Sealant was developed because of a worldwide need for a safe and environmentally friendly, high quality tire sealant.

We developed PermaSeal because we all have had the frustrating experience of a flat tire. It never comes at a convenient time or place. Our goal is to eliminate flat tires and provide a safe ride to all types of transportation.

In 2003, by applying new technology, the breakthrough came about. A tire sealant was developed that can tolerate heat, cold and the centrifugal forces imposed upon it at high speeds - Permaseal.

Permaseal has a revolutionary water and chemical formula that enables the product to remain fluid at all times, thus enabling the product to immediately seal a puncture wound made by a puncture object of up to 12 mm in a commercial vehicle tire in the main tread area of the tire, without loss of pressure.

As a result, Permaseal gives the advantage of longer tire life together with lower downtime and maintenance costs, improving safety, quality and affordability.